Firm achieves major victory for clients in balance billing case against San Francisco General Hospital

January 24, 2012 -- PE&G attorneys Nick Carlin and Cari Cohorn achieved a major victory for the victims of balance billing by San Francisco General Hospital, when Superior Court Judge James J. McBride ruled that plaintiff Gilles Combrisson and the class of patients covered by heath insurers regulated by the California Department of Insurance ("DOI") could continue to pursue their claims in state court. At a previous hearing, Judge McBride ruled that a 2009 California Supreme Court decision (Prospect Medical Group v. Northridge Emergency Medical Group), holding that balance billing of insured emergency patients was illegal, did not apply to patients such as Combrisson whose insurers (in his case, Anthem Blue Cross Life & Health Ins. Co.) are regulated by the DOI, therefore dismissing Combrisson's claims. (The rest of the case - on behalf of patients covered by insurers regulated by the California Department of Managed Health Care - was unaffected.) But Combrisson amended his Complaint to add a claim seeking a declaration of rights from the Court that if San Francisco recovers the balance billed amounts paid by Combrisson (and other class members covered by insurers regulated by the DOI) from Anthem (or the other insurers), the City would have to reimburse that amount to its patients. The City sought to dismiss this claim as well, but at the hearing, the Court agreed with the firm and allowed that claim to stay in the case.