Firm beats back summary judgment motion in wage and hour case for database administrator

January 9, 2012 -- PE&G attorney Cari Cohorn helped defeat a motion for summary judgment filed in a hotly contested wage and hour case. The firm's client, a database administrator, sought to recover wages and penalties in excess of $450,000 for alleged unpaid overtime and missed meal and rest breaks owed by his former employer. The company argued that it properly classified the firm's client as exempt from overtime laws and related employee protections under the federal computer professional exemption, as well as the state and federal exemption for administrative employees. The court rejected the company's effort to dismiss the case and avoid a trial, agreeing with the firm that the evidence submitted by the firm concerning its client's job duties created an issue of fact as to whether client was an exempt administrative employee or an exempt computer professional. Shortly following this ruling, the case settled in mediation.