Federal Court approves record label settlement with former hedge fund manager

November 7, 2012 -- PE&G attorneys David Given and Nick Carlin helped to successfully conclude a favorable settlement on behalf of its long-standing client Om Records in litigation pitting it against former hedge fund manager Lawrence R. ("Larry") Goldfarb and his solely owned entity, LRG Capital Group, over various improprieties committed by Goldfarb in connection with supposed "investments" made by him through LRG Capital in Om Records. United States District Judge William H. Alsup, who is presiding over parallel civil and criminal proceedings against Goldfarb initiated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Department of Justice respectively, approved the settlement made by Om Records with the receiver appointed by the court to oversee Goldfarb's business and financial affairs. As previously reported here, that appointment followed Goldfarb's default in his deferred prosecution agreement with the federal government; Goldfarb now faces the possibility of a felony conviction on pending wire fraud charges and a sentence of jail time if convicted. In the Om Records litigation, Goldfarb faced terminating sanctions for violating court orders to appear for his deposition and to produce documents (and to pay a monetary penalty for his previous failures). The settlement with Goldfarb's receiver allows Om Records to conclude all litigation on the subject as well as to separate itself completely from any business relationship with Goldfarb (who sat on its board) and LRG Capital (with whom it had entered into various financing agreements), all for a small fraction of the over $2 million Goldfarb and LRG Capital tried to extract from it.