Firm concludes song royalty deal for FILTER hit "Hey Man Nice Shot"

December 7, 2011 -- PE&G attorney David Given recently helped to resolve a long-simmering dispute between Richard Patrick, front-man of the multi-platinum selling band FILTER, and client Nils Teig, relating to royalties derived from the band's hit song "Hey Man, Nice Shot." The matter arose in connection with Patrick's obligation to account to and pay Teig a portion of those royalties, an obligation founded in an agreement the parties made shortly after the release of the song in 1995. The firm first commenced an action on Teig's behalf in the Alameda County Superior Court, succeeding in obtaining an order for prejudgment writ of attachment for almost $300,000, and subsequently fought off an attempt to avoid the obligation to pay in Patrick's ensuing bankruptcy proceeding. Following mediation, the parties entered into a stipulation intended as a "complete and final settlement" of the dispute. Among other things, the stipulation calls for payment of the client's monetary claim in the amount of $400,000, as well as acknowledgment of the client's ongoing entitlement to song royalties on "Hey Man, Nice Shot" and four other FILTER songs, to be paid directly from the sources of those royalties. A motion to confirm the parties' settlement is pending in the bankruptcy court in Los Angeles.