Firm secures $1.45 million recovery in brain injury case

December 20, 2018 – Firm partner Nicholas Carlin and associate Mike Levinson have completed their representation of Herman White, obtaining a $1,450,000 settlement for the client’s injuries.  Mr. White, a 57-year old financial services executive, was jogging along Five Canyons Road in Castro Valley when he came to a crosswalk.  A car stopped and waved to Mr. White that it was okay to cross. As Mr. White walked through the crosswalk, another car came from behind the first car, and slammed into that car, which in turn struck Mr. White.  The client suffered various physical injuries including a broken wrist, a broken toe and a large laceration on his forehead.  He also suffered a traumatic brain injury, with continuing symptoms, along with chronic pain from his physical injuries, all of which defendants disputed.  The case settled less than a month before trial was scheduled to start.