Trial begins in traumatic brain injury case

February 22, 2019 – Lawyers made opening statements today in the Santa Clara County Superior Court, kicking off client Darrick Figg’s jury trial against Cognizant Technologies and one of its employees who, while at work, rear-ended Mr. Figg on Interstate 880 in San Jose at approximately 50 m.p.h. while Mr. Figg was stopped in rush hour traffic.  The client, a fire inspector for the Central County Fire Department, was knocked out cold by the collision and his car was totaled; he sustained injuries to his neck, back and shoulder and has had ongoing issues with those injuries.  His doctors have since recommended shoulder surgery.  His concussion has led to other neurological (traumatic brain injury) issues. Mr. Figg is seeking past and future medical expenses and lost wages, as well as general damages for the years of pain and suffering his doctors have told him to expect as a result of his injuries.  Partner Nick Carlin leads the firm’s three-person trial team, which includes associate Mike Levinson and paralegal Kaylee Racs.  Trial is continuing day-to-day before the Honorable Paul R. Bernal; the jury will likely begin its deliberations in early March.

UPDATE – March 12, 2019 – A 12-person jury returned a verdict today in favor of firm client Darrick Figg in the amount of $1,253,865.  Further proceedings in the matter are pending.