Firm moves to certify class of restaurant workers in Charlie Palmer case

March 22, 2019 – Firm lawyers Nick Carlin, David Given and Brian Conlon filed papers today seeking to certify a class of approximately 140 restaurant employees who worked at renowned-chef Charlie Palmer’s Burritt Room + Tavern at the Mystic Hotel in San Francisco until early 2018, when Mr. Palmer and a partner sold the hotel and restaurant to new owners.  Those papers detail allegations by almost a dozen former employees of endemic wage theft and fraud at the restaurant, where no policy or practice existed for providing legally-mandated rest and meal breaks and management intentionally altered time records to mask the discrepancy.  This malfeasance resulted in what the firm has calculated to be over a million dollars of underpayments (including penalties) to employees over an approximate four-year period.  San Francisco Superior Court judge Mary E. Wiss has scheduled a hearing for April 12th to consider the matter.