Firm files racketeering class complaint against Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

March 26, 2018 – Firm partner Nick Carlin today filed a class action complaint against Facebook and Cambridge Analytica on behalf of Facebook users affected by the data breach revealed by Cambridge Analytica co-founder Christopher Wylie on March 17th. Facebook has now admitted that Cambridge Analytica harvested and processed over 87 million American Facebook users’ private and sensitive information without user consent with the intent to use the data to manipulate the American public in elections. While this illegal behavior dates back to at least 2014, Facebook did nothing to remedy the breach until 2016 despite being aware of the problem of third-party apps obtaining information from users without authorization. Facebook furthermore has done nothing to date to notify users of the breach. The Complaint alleges among other things that Cambridge Analytica and related entities engaged in racketeering activities under the RICO statute for defrauding users into believing that the data would only be used for academic purposes. If you believe you have been affected by the data breach or wish to learn more about the investigation, click here