Firm moves for approval of $1.2 million settlement in wage theft case

April 4, 2019 – Firm partner Nick Carlin and associate Brian Conlon filed papers today asking San Joaquin Superior Court Judge George Abdallah to approve the class action settlement reached by the firm on behalf of approximately 620 employees of Tracy Auto Center and several related car dealerships.  The case arose in connection with those dealerships’ employment policies and practices, which the employees alleged were in violation of the California Labor Code.  Under the proposed settlement, the car dealers will pay $1.2 million.  “This settlement provides a fair and reasonable monetary recovery for the class,” Nick Carlin said.  “The settlement is particularly favorable, given the recent anti-worker U.S. Supreme Court decisions allowing employers to ban their employees from bringing class actions and requiring them to bring their wage claims in individual arbitrations. If not for this class settlement, these employees faced the very real prospect of having to file 620 individual arbitrations.”  Judge Abdallah is expected to set a hearing date shortly.

UPDATE – April 25, 2019 – San Joaquin Superior Court Judge George Abdallah today granted the firm’s motion for preliminary approval of the class action settlement made on behalf of current and former employees of Tracy Auto Center and other related dealerships.  A hearing regarding final approval of the settlement is set for August 20th, 2019.  Notice to the class is pending.