Court green-lights amended class case against U.S. Healthworks

July 15, 2019 – San Diego Superior Court judge Timothy M. Casserly has granted the motion made by firm client Krista Raines to expand her case against U.S. Healthworks into a putative class action on behalf of all individuals sent to U.S. Healthworks by California employers for medical “exams” before hiring. The firm’s client originally sued U.S. Healthworks and her prospective employer for violation of her privacy and other related claims in connection with one such exam during which, she claims, she was asked invasive and totally inappropriate questions about her physical and mental state and well-being. When she declined to respond to certain of those questions, her offer of employment was rescinded. Discovery in her case revealed that the question-asking was far more pervasive than first suspected; in fact, the questions in issue were apparently a matter of U.S. Healthcare’s routine policy and practice in the State of California. Her amended complaint contends that policy and practice violated (and continues to violate) California law. Firm partner Randy Erlewine leads a team of four lawyers from two law firms in the matter. Further proceedings in the case are pending.