Firm files copyright infringement case for renowned sculptor against NRA

June 19, 2018 – Firm partners Nick Carlin and David Given today filed a complaint against the National Rifle Association on behalf of renowned visionary artist Sir Anish Kapoor.  Late last year, the London-based artist discovered that the NRA had used an image of his sculpture “Cloud Gate” (also known colloquially as “The Bean”), located in Millennium Park in Chicago, without the artist’s permission in a recruiting video variously entitled “The Clenched Fist of Trust” or “The Violence of Lies.”  Appalled over the use of his work in that video, Sir Anish asked that the NRA remove it.  The NRA refused to do so, leading to a well-documented controversy earlier this year when the artist went public with his objection to and disgust over the use of his creative work in a video he felt played to the worst impulses of paranoia, conflict and violence.  Filed in the federal district court in Chicago, the client’s lawsuit alleges that the NRA has committed and continues to commit willful copyright infringement, and seeks to prevent the NRA from further exploiting Sir Anish’s work in its video.

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