Firm battles Uber over employee arbitration agreement

June 25, 2018 – Firm lawyers Randy Erlewine and Brian Conlon filed papers today opposing the motion of Uber Technologies to compel individual arbitration of wage theft class action claims arising from Uber’s practices in its stock option grants to employees hired before late 2016.  Those claims, brought by a former software engineer for the company, arise from the contention that Uber misrepresented in its written employment contracts the nature of those option grants, leading to a significant devaluation of employee compensation from the promises made in those contracts once employees started work at the company.  In their papers, the firm’s lawyers argued that Uber’s arbitration agreement with its employees was unconscionable, pointing in part to a recent decision by an Administrative Law Judge that provisions of that agreement violated the federal National Labor Relations Act.  A decision by federal magistrate judge Jacqueline S. Corley is expected shortly in the matter.