Amended complaint sharpens focus in privacy case against Apple and app developers

June 27, 2014  The firm today filed an amended complaint on behalf of plaintiffs in the class action case against Apple and a dozen of the App Store’s largest app developers (including, among others, Electronic Arts and Twitter) asserting breaches of privacy relating to the unauthorized uploading of address book data from consumers’ iDevices.  The amended complaint comes in response to the 55-page decision of Federal District Court Judge Jon S. Tigar on defendants’ various motions to dismiss plaintiffs’ claims in their entirety.  Issued in May, that decision granted in part and denied in part those motions.  The amended complaint serves to address concerns raised in Judge Tigar’s decision with plaintiffs’ prior pleadings, while keeping intact claims the court said could proceed, some subject to additional factual detail.  Judge Tigar appointed the firm interim co-lead counsel in the case last October.