Charlie Palmer Group Wage Theft Class Action

Court okays class settlement for Burritt Room employees

August 6, 2019 – San Francisco Superior Court Judge Teri L. Jackson today granted the firm’s motion for preliminary approval of a $1 million class action settlement made on behalf of approximately 140 former workers at Burritt Room + Tavern, a popular San Francisco bar/restaurant located in the Mystic Hotel by Charlie Palmer, which was sold in 2018. The case arose in connection with that restaurant’s employment policies and practices, which the employees alleged were in violation of California’s Labor Code. The court conditionally appointed the firm settlement class counsel, and set a hearing for final approval of the settlement for November 14th this year. Notice to the class is pending.

Court orders Charlie Palmer Group to begin production of documents

May 23, 2019 – San Francisco Superior Court judge Mary E. Wiss today ordered The Charlie Palmer Group to begin producing emails and other internal communications relating to the operation and management of San Francisco’s Burritt Room + Tavern.  The firm sued celebrity chef and restauranteur Charlie Palmer, his wholly-owned and controlled entities, and several others on behalf of seven former employees of the Burritt Room who say they were the victims of rampant wage theft and fraud in the restaurant which operated in the Mystic Hotel in San Francisco until early 2018.  Mr. Palmer and his entities sought to block production of those documents as too “burdensome” and “irrelevant” to the parties’ dispute.  Judge Wiss rejected those arguments, established a clear timeline for these defendants to comply with the court’s order and set a June 12th hearing to review the status of their document production. The firm’s pending class certification motion is expected to be heard by Judge Wiss soon.

Firm moves to certify class of restaurant workers in Charlie Palmer case

March 22, 2019 – Firm lawyers Nick Carlin, David Given and Brian Conlon filed papers today seeking to certify a class of approximately 140 restaurant employees who worked at renowned-chef Charlie Palmer’s Burritt Room + Tavern at the Mystic Hotel in San Francisco until early 2018, when Mr. Palmer and a partner sold the hotel and restaurant to new owners.  Those papers detail allegations by almost a dozen former employees of endemic wage theft and fraud at the restaurant, where no policy or practice existed for providing legally-mandated rest and meal breaks and management intentionally altered time records to mask the discrepancy.  This malfeasance resulted in what the firm has calculated to be over a million dollars of underpayments (including penalties) to employees over an approximate four-year period.  San Francisco Superior Court judge Mary E. Wiss has scheduled a hearing for April 12th to consider the matter.

Firm launches wage and hour case against the Charlie Palmer Group

January 23, 2018 – Firm partners David Given and Nick Carlin filed a complaint today in San Francisco Superior Court on behalf of a former employee at Burritt Room + Tavern, a restaurant until recently operated by the Charlie Palmer Group.  The firm’s client seeks relief for California labor code violations by the collection of restaurants and hotels located in the State led by celebrity chef Charlie Palmer.  The client's complaint alleges that the restaurant group denied employees proper meal and rest breaks and failed to properly compensate for overtime worked.  Additionally, says the complaint, managers were instructed to falsify time records by marking employees as clocked out regardless of whether they had actually stopped working. The firm is investigating whether and how additional Charlie Palmer Group restaurants may have practiced similar labor violations. For a full list of locations under investigation, or if you believe you have been affected by any of these violations or wish to learn more about the investigation, click here.

March 26, 2018: Plaintiff filed a First Amended Complaint adding a representative PAGA claim on behalf of the State of California and fellow aggrieved employees for penalties based on the labor code violations. 


Firm is investigating allegations of Labor Code violations against the Charlie Palmer Group, a collection of restaurants and hotels led by celebrity chef and hospitality entrepreneur Charlie Palmer.  Allegations against the group include failing to provide compliant meal breaks and not providing premium pay to employees.  Additional allegations consist of failing to pay overtime, failing to pay all earned wages, and altering time records of employees.  For more information on the investigation, or if you or someone you know has potentially experienced these violations, please contact us.