The firm represents plaintiffs in class actions in both state and federal courts in such areas as consumer protection, employment, health care, banking and recording artist rights.  With a unique and winning blend of intensity and thoughtfulness, our experienced class action litigators have cumulatively won hundreds of millions of dollars in settlement payments, damages, and awards for our clients.

Representative Matters

Rick James et al. v. UMG Recordings, Inc.The Rick James case involves a claim by the late musician (through a trust) against UMG Recordings, Inc., the world's largest recorded music company, over that company's accounting to artists, producers and others for income it receives from internet music providers for digital downloads of recorded music.  The case was brought on behalf of James's trust and as a class action on behalf of all those others similarly situated to the trust who, the trust contends, are entitled to a much higher royalty on that digital download income than UMG has paid them.  PE&G filed the complaint in the case on April 1, 2011, in the Federal District Court in San Francisco. For a copy of the complaint in that case, click here.  The firm later brought another case for Rob Zombie and several other rock acts on the same theory. The two actions were eventually consolidated into one case before the same judge, and litigation is ongoing.

Sayre et al. v. SFS-39, Inc. & Williams et al. v. SFS-39, Inc.:  In employment class action arbitration proceedings brought against three prominent San Francisco restaurants, PE&G lawyers represented a class of approximately 700 minimum wage restaurant workers in claims involving the systematic and unlawful denial of the workers' meal and rest breaks.  In late 2013, the parties reached a preliminary settlement for $1.9 million in which class members are expected to receive one hour of pay for each shift worked during the period covered by the lawsuit (an average of $1,500 each).  Under the settlement, defendants would also be required to pay PE&G's attorneys fees and costs as well as $45,000 in penalties to the California Labor & Workforce Development Agency. 

Combrisson v. City and County of San Francisco In the Superior Court of San Francisco, PE&G lawyers affected a seven-figure settlement on behalf of their clients, a class of emergency room patients who were illegally balance-billed by San Francisco General Hospital; i.e., the hospital would bill a patient directly for an amount over and above the amount that patient's health insurer deemed to be sufficient for such services.  Under the terms of the settlement, class members received a 100% recovery of the amount they were overcharged. 

In Re: Checking Account Overdraft Litigation:  In a class action suit brought in federal court on behalf of individual debit card users against several of the nation's largest banks, principally Bank of America, PE&G lawyers helped their clients reach a $410 million settlement of claims arising from the bank's debit card overdraft fee practices.  The settlement followed two years of intensive litigation in which PE&G lawyers took multiple depositions of bank personnel and reviewed (along with other lawyers involved in the case) millions of pages of documents and transaction data.  In addition to directly disbursing settlement funds into the aggrieved customers' accounts, the bank ceased its practice of charging overdraft fees on debit card accounts for certain types of transactions, including point-of-sale purchases.