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Our law offices are located in the iconic Presidio of San Francisco, one of the most beautiful locations in all of San Francisco. Here, we work alongside many creative, financial, and other professionals, including some of our firm's clientele.  The firm's space, in a renovated art-deco masterpiece now known as the San Francisco Film Centre, and which once served as headquarters for the 6th Army, originally housed the production company of renowned comic and Academy Award-winning actor Robin Williams.

We like to say we work in a National Park because we can.  Our firm's technology allows us to remain connected 24/7 to our office and to our clients.  Indeed, our attorneys work productively from all corners of the world, as our practice often calls us to do.

In addition to our law offices, the firm has conference room privileges in San Francisco's Financial District (a 10-minute cab ride from the Presidio), and maintains an office presence in the Los Angeles area sometimes referred to as "Silicon Beach" on Ocean Drive in Santa Monica. 

We invite you to visit us in either location.


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