Court allows privacy case to proceed against Apple, sets date for consolidated complaint

August 5, 2013 – Federal District Judge Jon Tigar has ruled against Apple Inc. in a case over the uploading of private address book data from iDevice users’ phones and tablets without their knowledge or consent.  In his 17-page order issued today, Judge Tigar sustained everyone but one of the claims made against Apple from legal attack, allowing the case to proceed to the discovery stage, where information will be sought about Apple’s policies and practices.  In earlier related proceedings, Judge Tigar allowed a consolidated amended complaint to be filed in four cases brought over the same issues and asserting substantially the same claims against Apple and 14 of the largest application developers, including FacebookPath and Foursquare.  PE&G is helping to lead the plaintiffs’ effort against Apple and these app developers in the case.  Judge Tigar has ordered the consolidated amended complaint to be filed on or before Sept. 3rd.