Court grants final approval for $4 million DCH mechanics settlement

May 18, 2017 – Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ann Jones today granted the firm’s request for final approval of a wage and hour class action settlement for a class of 434 auto mechanics against DCH Auto Group and its parent entity Lithia Motors, Inc., the eighth largest automotive retailer in the U.S.  The settlement followed years of litigation and months of exhaustive mediation before a retired state court judge.  The total monetary recovery for the class exceeded $4 million.  Led by firm partners Nicholas Carlin and Randy Erlewine, the firm’s case against DCH Auto Group arose out of DCH’s labor practices in the State of California, and included allegations of the company’s repeated failure to provide statutorily-mandated breaks, falsifying of time records, failure to pay minimum wage, and failure to pay all earned wages.  The firm’s case against DCH for non-mechanic employees who number in the thousands remains pending.  For more information about the case, click here.  For more information on the settlement and claims process, visit the claims administrator’s website by clicking here