Federal court approves $7.35 million class deal with Honest Company

December 8, 2017 – Federal district court judge Victor Marrero today granted final approval of the class action settlement in the firm’s consolidated consumer class action against The Honest Company for falsely labeling non-natural products.  Judge Marrero agreed with class counsel that the first-rate settlement was fair and reasonable.  Under the agreement, Honest will pay $7,350,000 to consumers who were misled into buying its products.  The settlement fund will also cover all of the class’s attorneys’ fees and costs.  Firm partner Nick Carlin, who filed the first of the consolidated cases and was appointed co-lead counsel for the consolidated litigation, remarked that this was an excellent settlement, particularly in comparison with similar “natural” labeling cases such as the Seventh Generation class action, which settled for $4.5 million.  Honest has also agreed to stop labeling products containing non-natural ingredients as “all natural” and “100% natural.”  Anyone injured by severe sunburns or rashes or other reactions to Honest products will preserve their right to continue to pursue such claims