Federal Court approves class settlement with Bank of the West in overdraft fee case

December 18, 2012 – A federal district court in Miami entered an order of final approval of an $18 million settlement with Bank of the West that the firm helped conclude in mediation on behalf of customers charged by the bank with overdraft fees as the result of the bank's reordering of its customers' debit card transactions. The settlement results in return of a substantial portion of those fees to bank customers. The court's order noted, among other things, the "very high level of skill" of class counsel in the prosecution of the case, and that class counsel "achieved a superb result" in the case. The firm remains counsel for a putative class of bank customers in a similar case against M&T Bank. Last year, the same court approved the settlement of the firm's case against Bank of America for $410 million, an amount generally credited as one of the largest settlements ever for a consumer class action.