Firm defends future baseball Hall-of-Famer in dispute over recording artist's services

March 1, 2013 – PE&G partner David Given concluded his defense of future Hall-of-Fame baseball player Frank Thomas and his record label, W2W Records, in a lawsuit brought in California Superior Court. The lawsuit alleged that Frank and W2W Records “interfered” with a recording contract ostensibly covering the services of a young singer who recorded for W2W Records as part of a trio, Belle Voxx; that group’s release in 2011 received a fair amount of press and critical attention. Following that publicity, plaintiff record label appeared making various claims under a five-year-old contract between the singer and another, predecessor record label and, in October 2012, sued Frank and W2W Records. The firm, together with Chicago counsel, vigorously defended the clients against these claims (among other things, no one had performed under the previous recording contract for over three years), while guiding the case into an early resolution. Plaintiff filed a dismissal with prejudice of its case against the firm’s clients today.