Firm joins class action over data privacy against Apple, app developers

March 22, 2013 – PE&G attorneys David Given and Nick Carlin have joined a team of lawyers who have brought a class case against Apple and certain developers of consumer applications made available on the App Store over users' privacy rights in their digital data. The core allegation of the complaint is that the apps in question pirated private user information, including address book data, from the user's iDevice by surreptitiously uploading that information without notice to the user and without the user's consent. The federal governmentrecently prosecuted its own case against one such developer, Path, also named in the class action, over the same conduct. That case resulted in a consent order which included a permanent injunction together with civil penalties of $800,000. The class case was recently transferred to the San Francisco federal court, where one judge in another similar case has already sustained most of the claims against Path. The case is set for its first hearing before Federal District Judge Jon Tigar on April 4th.