Firm launches trademark infringement case for celebrated Bay Area gentlemen's club

September 18, 2013 – Partner David Given was recently retained by the Gold Club of San Francisco in a case pitting it against a new gentlemen's club opened last month in San Jose using the client's same name and similar marks and logos. The firm commenced the client's case against the new club in federal court, followed by an expedited motion for preliminary injunction. Following an hour-long hearing before Federal District Judge William H. Orrick, III, the court issued a carefully-reasoned 19-page decision, denying the request for a preliminary injunction but finding that the firm had raised "serious questions" about the nature of the new club's various defenses to infringement. Acknowledging the urgency of the matter, the court ordered the parties to submit an "expedited schedule" for trial of the matter. The parties will be back in court on October 15th to discuss that subject and, most likely, to set the case for trial.