Firm lawyers launch false advertising class action against The Honest Company

September 3, 2015 – Firm partner Nick Carlin today filed a class action complaint against The Honest Company, Inc. on behalf of plaintiff Jonathan D. Rubin and a putative class of consumers. The lawsuit contends that The Honest Company marketed a host of products (including hand and dish soap, diapers and sunscreen) as both natural and effective when, in fact, they were not.  The Honest Company, backed by a group of influential venture capital investors as well as television and film star Jessica Alba, who serves as its “Chief Creative Officer” and celebrity spokesperson, was recently in the news when consumers took to the internet to complain that the company’s sunscreen (one of the subjects of Mr. Rubin’s action) was ineffective, leading several to experience severe sunburn and blistering. The complaint asks for a minimum of $5 million in damages and restitution as well as declaratory and injunctive relief on behalf of a nationwide class of purchasers of these products.