Firm presses copyright ownership case for Anton Newcombe, a/k/a The Brian Jonestown Massacre

May 12, 2014  Partners Cari Cohorn and David Given overcame numerous procedural obstacles in their efforts to protect singer-songwriter and recording artist Anton Newcombe’s rights to the body of work (compositions and sound recordings) created by him as the Brian Jonestown Massacre.  In response to musician Jeffrey Davies’ claims that he coauthored many of the BJM works, PE&G filed suit on behalf of Newcombe, seeking a ruling that (with the exception of three songs) Davies neither authored the works nor has any ownership interest in them.  Rather than respond to the merits of Newcombe’s complaint, Davies filed a series of motions seeking to dismiss the suit on a variety of grounds, to strike Newcombe’s allegations, and/or to transfer the case to Los Angeles.  In a carefully reasoned 13-page decision issued today, Magistrate Judge Nathaniel Cousins of the Northern District of California ruled in Newcombe's favor on every issue, and ordered Davies to answer Newcombe's allegations. The judge also set the matter for a case management conference next month.