Firm sacks John Elway's car dealership in wage theft dispute

December 1, 2016 – San Bernardino County Superior Court judge Donald Alvarez sided with the firm and denied the summary judgment motion of John Elway's Crown Toyota in the firm's ongoing battle to enforce wage rights of a group of auto mechanics working at the Southern California auto dealership. Firm lawyers Brian Conlon and Nick Carlin successfully convinced Judge Alvarez that a PAGA representative action for some 50 mechanics could proceed to trial notwithstanding the settlement of individual claims for back wages. Elway argued that the individual settlements deprived those mechanics of standing to sue under PAGA (the California Labor Code Private Attorney General Act). Conlon and Carlin countered that PAGA was enacted to deputize employees to act on behalf of the State of California to impose penalties on employers who violate labor regulations, and therefore settlement of individual wage claims does not affect the right of the state and its deputized employees to enforce those regulations. Judge Alvarez agreed with the firm and denied Elway’s motion, scheduling a trial-setting conference for Dec. 9th.