Firm to enter Florida case over Endless Jewelry dispute

March 31, 2015 – Partner Randy Erlewine today appeared as counsel of record for plaintiffs in legal action against the proprietors of the popular Endless Jewelry line of products. The case involves the circumstances of the 2014 start-up of a new line of jewelry that reportedly has already become a $25 million a year business and has attracted the interest of investors as well as a license for a specialty line of Jennifer Lopez branded product. Plaintiffs say they conceived of the concept for the new jewelry line, developed and implemented the business plan to launch it and organized personnel and distribution, after which they were shut out of any further involvement and denied a portion of the ongoing business. In addition to the firm, plaintiffs' legal team includes renowned South Florida litigator Bruce Rogow as well as the prominent Ft. Lauderdale plaintiff law firm of Conrad & Scherer LLP. An amended complaint amplifying plaintiffs' claims is expected shortly.