The firm actively investigates illegal and unfair behavior by certain entities and maintains websites to provide members of the public with the opportunity to share their experiences and to learn more about their legal rights and remedies in connection with such behavior. The following is a list of current investigations the firm has initiated.

We encourage you to learn more by exploring the links below. Websites for investigations labeled "[coming soon]" are under construction. Please check back soon for more information, or contact us for more information. 

Facebook - misclassification of employees as "independent contractors"

Following reports in several major outlets concerning poor treatment of contractors working on Facebook's Trending News team, the firm is investigating whether certain Facebook workers are misclassified as "independent contractors." According to California's Department of Industrial Relations ("DIR"), there are several reasons why misclassification of employees as "independent contractors" is unfair and detrimental:

"When a worker is misclassified as an independent contractor, he or she is not subject to California minimum wage and overtime protection laws. Additionally, the worker has no workers' compensation coverage if injured on the job, no right to family leave, no unemployment insurance, no legal right to organize or join a union, and no protection against employer retaliation. The misclassification of workers as independent contractors creates an unfair playing field for responsible employers who honor their lawful obligations to their employees."

(You can view the DIR's explanation of the differences between employees and independent contractors here.) For more information, contact us.

The Honest Company - false advertising 

Partner Nick Carlin represents customers of Jessica Alba's The Honest Company for false advertising in connection with Honest's claims that certain products are "natural" and "effective." Products under investigation include shampoo and body wash, detangler, bubble bath, dishwasher packs, hand soap, dish soap, diapers, multi-surface cleaner, and sunscreen. For more information, read more news about the complaint and contact us

Uber Technologies - false stock option promises

Firm partners Randy Erlewine and Nick Carlin represent firm client on behalf of employees of car-sharing service Uber Technologies. The firm filed a lawsuit which alleges that Uber promised employees – many highly sought-after software engineers and other technology workers – the most valuable type of stock options (commonly referred to as “Incentive Stock Options”) as part of their employment contracts, but after these employees joined the company, Uber granted far less valuable options (commonly referred to as “Non-Qualified Stock Options”). The firm’s client also alleges that Uber acted to prevent employees from exercising their options at the promised times and misrepresented the terms of the options. For more information, read news about the complaint and contact us.  

DCH Auto Group - denying employees meal & rest breaks

Partners Nick Carlin and Randy Erlewine represent current and former employees of Southern California DCH Auto Group dealerships in a series of actions, including: (1) an arbitration proceeding covering complaints arising from violations of the Labor Code, Unfair Competition Law, and related causes of action; (2) a class action complaint for fraud and other causes of action arising from DCH's attempt to "buy off" employees for violations of the Labor Code; (3) a complaint brought by an aggrieved employee under California's Private Attorneys General Act arising from violations of the Labor Code; and (4) a class action complaint for wage theft and related labor code violations on behalf of non-technician employees. For more information, read more news about these actions and contact us