Judge holds hearing, sets dates, in Honest Company case

January 11, 2016 – Partner Nick Carlin appeared before Federal District Court Judge John A. Kronstadt in Los Angeles today in the false advertising case brought against The Honest Company by the firm in Sept. of last year.  Judge Kronstadt set a date to hear The Honest Company’s expected motion to dismiss the firm’s complaint on behalf of a nationwide class of buyers of Honest Company products who say that The Honest Company marketed a host of such products as both “natural” and “effective” when, in fact, they were not.  That complaint, recently consolidated with another legal action, was amended last week to add class plaintiffs, Honest Company products and legal claims.  In an unexpected development, Judge Kronstadt allowed the firm’s clients to begin discovery into The Honest Company’s policies and practices in connection with their marketing and promotional claims.  The case followed public reporting last year about sunscreen products that failed to work as advertised.  The Court will hold its next hearing in the case in early May.