Judge rejects attempt to keep internal Apple, Path documents secret

February 11, 2016 – Sealed materials Apple and Path sought to keep secret are set to be released to the public per a court order entered today by Federal District Court Judge Jon S. Tigar.  In a short five-page decision, Judge Tigar found that neither party made the showing necessary to keep certain internal documents – including communications among Apple personnel about the functionality of apps sold on the iTunes App Store – out of the public record in the ongoing case against these two companies and other app developers over their policies and practices in the uploading and harvesting of address book data from users' iDevices. Judge Tigar also declined to redact portions of plaintiffs' memorandum in support of their class certification motion against Apple and Path.  Firm partner David Given argued that the effort by Apple and Path to foist these redactions on that document was a naked attempt to sanitize the public record, and opposed it in related papers filed with the court.