Judge rejects further delay, resets class certification motion against Apple, Path

January 6, 2016 – Following a lengthy case management conference, Federal District Court Judge Jon S. Tigar agreed with the firm and issued an order today resetting the class certification motion against defendants Apple, Inc. and Path, Inc., in a wide-ranging breach of privacy case against these two companies and 10 other software developers over the alleged surreptitious upload of address book data from users’ iDevices.  Judge Tigar will now hear that motion in early April.  Defendants sought to delay that hearing on various procedural grounds.  Partner David Given made the case that time was of the essence for the over 480,000 iDevice users who downloaded the Path app and had their address book data taken without permission.  Until recently, the lawsuit was mired in a series of motions by defendants delaying class proceedings in the case by over three years.  If Judge Tigar’s comments were any indication, the case may now proceed in an expedited fashion with additional class certification motions against other app developers expected later this year.