Jury returns unanimous verdict in firm client’s favor

October 5, 2017 – A state court jury in Los Angeles returned its verdict today, voting 12-0 in favor of firm client Francine Sutton-Williams, following a week-long trial over injuries she sustained at an auto repair shop in Culver City.  Firm partner Nick Carlin led the trial team (which included associate Anna G. Wald  and paralegal Diana Buck) in representing the client, a retired acting coach who worked in Hollywood for many years.  In November 2015, Ms. Sutton-Williams tripped and fell over a dangerously high doorway threshold and broke her hip, requiring a total hip replacement.  The recovery from that injury further aggravated a pre-existing condition, requiring a knee replacement about a year later.  The jury unanimously found the property owner and the business operator liable for negligence and awarded almost $400,000 in damages.  Post-trial proceedings, including the client’s cost and fee requests, are pending.