Legal journal features front page coverage of firm's case for artist's royalties on digital music

May 31, 2011 – California's leading daily legal newspaper featured a prominent article on PE&G's recent court filings challenging the accounting practices of the world's largest recorded music company, Universal Music Group, in its treatment of artist royalties payable from the label's licenses with third party digital music providers. The Daily Journal's front page article, entitled "Artists Claim Record Labels Owe Them More for Digital Music," reported on two cases brought by the firm in the federal district court in San Francisco. The first case, brought on behalf of the Rick James estate, was followed soon after by a case on behalf of several rock artists, including Rob Zombie, Whitesnake and Dave Mason, whose recording careers collectively span over 30 years. All of the firm's clients (who are each platinum or multi-platinum acts) contend that UMG has systematically underpaid them and others for their share of this income, and that UMG intends to continue to underpay them in the future. Both cases seek class action status to redress the injury from what the complaints allege are the pernicious and unfair policies and practices of UMG, as well as compensation for potentially thousands of royalty participants for past and future monies. For a copy of the article, click here.