The firm actively investigates illegal and unfair behavior by certain entities and maintains websites to provide members of the public with the opportunity to share their experiences and to learn more about their legal rights and remedies in connection with such behavior. The following is a list of current investigations the firm has initiated.

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Tracy Auto Center - Wage and Hour Class Action

Firm is leading a class action against a variety of auto dealerships in Northern California for wage and hour violations against their employees. The complaint alleges, among other things, that Tracy Auto Center, its owners, and various other dealerships failed to provide adequate meal and rest breaks for their employees, failed to properly compensate their employees for all hours worked, and instructed employees to alter their time records in order to look as though they had worked less than they had. The dealerships in question include Tracy Ford and Tracy Ford Used Car Superstore, Antioch Nissan, Antioch Toyota, Antioch Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, All Star Hyundai, All Star Ford, and All Star Genesis. For more information, or if you believe you have experienced these violations, please contact us.

Lucky Devils Band Class Action

Firm is leading a class action lawsuit against the International Musicians League (IML) for violations of the Talent Agency Act. Plaintiffs allege that IML, posing as the “LUCKY DEVILS BAND,” books gigs for musicians using its services and keeps over 50% of the proceeds from each event.  Despite acting as a talent agency, plaintiffs say, IML has failed to fulfill any of the requirements for talent agencies in the State of California, thereby avoiding having to pay its musician artists their fair share of those proceeds. For more information on the investigation, or if you or someone you know has been affected by IML’s conduct, please contact us.

Charlie Palmer Group - Wage and Hour Violations

Firm is investigating allegations of Labor Code violations against the Charlie Palmer Group, a collection of restaurants and hotels led by celebrity chef and hospitality entrepreneur Charlie Palmer.  Allegations against the group include failing to provide compliant meal breaks and not providing premium pay to employees.  Additional allegations consist of failing to pay overtime, failing to pay all earned wages, and altering time records of employees.  The restaurants under investigation are Burritt Room + Tavern (now “Mystic Room + Tavern”), Harvest Table, Charlie Palmer Steak Napa, Dry Creek Kitchen, Spirit Bar, Pizzando, and Spoonbar.  For more information on the investigation, or if you or someone you know has potentially experienced these violations, please contact us.